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Nature is not obliged to make our lives easier. We need to learn to co-exist with its elements - earth, fire, water, air and space (ether). With the elements in balance, a home becomes a source of grace, and channelizes the enrichment of life.


At Inglewolf Vastu & Design, we aim to make interiors and spaces rich in divine grace; to bring in balance, harmony and positive vibrations to create wellsprings for a good and happy life. 


Narayana Vastu Global

  • Inglewolf Vastu & Design (Singapore & Malaysia)

  • Ekam Sai Vastu (Bangalore & Indore)

Inglewolf Vastu & Design


Ananda’s interest in the metaphysical started in 2012 when she was initiated into Raj Yoga at the green age of 16. This led her on the path to becoming a certified Teacher of Yoga & Satsang with Narayana Lotus Satsangha, Bangalore in 2017. After which, she began teaching both Raj and Hatha yoga.


In 2016, a growing curiosity brought her to study under veteran consultant Prasanna, of Narayana Vastu Global in Bangalore, India. She also began to import various vastu and energy products. Ananda became a practicing vastu consultant and a real estate salesperson in January 2020.


All the time she had spent in India fostered a deep appreciation for ancient and modern Indian cultures & traditions. Together with her mentor, they are continuously looking to merge ancient ideals of vastu with practicality to better suit the modern person. They believe living in harmony with natural elements and forces does not have to be at the expense of comfort.


Ananda’s favourite part of consultations is witnessing spaces transform and come alive according to vastu principles.

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